Locanda Dell'Era

Ospitalità sul Lago di Como

Camera della Breva


Early Twentieth Century furniture, spacious, with plenty of light.
The balcony faces the South, thus enjoying a fresh southern breeze blowing in summer afternoons.
There are 3 (+1 extra) beds. The rate includes weekly bedclothes change.

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Camera Montiva

The private entrance faces the picturesque San Rocco Church.
The boxroom has direct access on the balcony, which gives it plenty of light. From the balcony you can enjoy a terrific view on the mountains above Dorio, facing the Como lake.

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Camera San Giorgio

Very quite and intimate, it is ideal for couples, but can easily accommodate up to three persons.
A gorgeous view from the balcony allows you to see from the green of the mountains to the blue of the lake.

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Camera Tivano

The balcony has a view onto the lake, a charming panorama in every season. Facing the North, its name is due to the northern wind 'Tivano'. Although it’s for three people, it could be perfectly comfortable also for four.

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