Locanda Dell'Era

Ospitalità sul Lago di Como

Surrounding area

Piona (boat berth)

The Piona Abbey was founded in 610 A.D. from the Saint Justine Oratory foundation. In 1138 the church was consecrated but only in the Sixties it was appointed as an Abbey; nearby there are remains of a Romanic building. Distance: reachable walking

Corenno Plinio

castello sLocated right above the lake shore, it is an ancient village built in XIV century on the remains of a fortress, dating back to ancient times, but still well-preserved. Distance: reachable walking

Bellano (boat and hydrofoil berth)

bellano sIt is known for its picturesque Orrido, a spectacular series of steep canyons shaped by the Pioverna river, accessible by visitors through ladders and gangways. Distance: reachable by train or by car

Colico (boat and hydrofoil berth)

Small town well known for its fortress, like Montecchio Fort and Fuentes Fort. Distance: reachable by train or by car

Varenna (boat, ferry and hydrofoil berth)

varenna sA charming town as a tourist destination and as a congress center. It is known for its beautiful country houses and for the Vezio Castle.
Distance: reachable by train or by car


mandello sHeadquarter of the Motoguzzi motorcycle firm: it is worth a visit the museum inside the production house, showing all motorcycle models produced from 1921 onward as well as special riding motorcycles produced until 1957.

Other interesting destinations reachable from the lake (boat and hydrofoil berth): Bellagio, Menaggio, Como, Lecco.